How to set up a special needs trust

How to Set Up a Special Needs Trust

Several components impact how to set up a special needs trust. We’ve pulled together 5 steps to get you started with establishing a special needs trust.

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The Prudent Perspective – Q4 2021

I’ve been down this road beforeAnd yeah I skidded but forget it.~ Drake Familiarity Breeds Acceptance 12 months ago the world exhaled a collective sigh

How to Take Advantage of Inflation

How to Take Advantage of Inflation

If you’re like me, shopping post-Covid has resulted in some serious sticker shock. In May, strawberry prices were up almost 27% because Driscoll’s under-estimated demand

The Prudent Perspective – Q3 2021

For the last year and a half, concerned about the US economy’s ability to sustain itself through a catastrophic pandemic, the Federal Reserve placed training wheels on the US monetary system that came in the form of a zero interest rate fed funds target and a quantitative easing (QE) program that involved the purchase of $120 billion of treasury and mortgage bonds monthly.

do i claim inheritance on my taxes

Do I Claim Inheritance on My Taxes?

Did grandma leave you something in her will to help you buy a house or pay for school? While that type of windfall is a blessing, you also might also be wondering if you need to pay taxes. Understanding what you’ve received and where taxes fit in could help you save thousands of dollars. This article covers those different account types and gives tips on how to save taxes on your inheritance.

Behavioral Investing

Basic Concepts of Behavioral Investing

Whether you’re an individual managing your own investments or a professional fiduciary responsible for managing assets in a trust, behavioral investing habits are a serious threat to your investment management strategy.

Joint With Rights of Survivorship

Joint With Rights of Survivorship: Preventing Account Limbo

What if your loved one unexpectedly passed away and you were locked out of your banking account? Worse yet, what if the court became involved and decided that the assets you and your spouse worked so hard to acquire should belong to someone else?