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[Guide] Decoding the uniform prudent investor act (upia)

There are so many important aspects of the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA) that a trustee needs to be aware of when supervising investments.

[Guide] How to Prepare Your Child’s Special Needs Trust Before You Go

How can a special needs trust (SNT) protect you and your family? Establishing an SNT is an excellent way for your child to enjoy the benefits of trust assets while maintaining eligibility for needs-based government benefits.

[Guide] How to Choose an Advisor When Acting As a Trustee

Successful management of a trust is a team effort. Trustees can only execute their duties and optimize support for beneficiaries by working with key collaborators that offer trusted expertise and specialized services. 

[Guide] 10 questions to ask your clients about their crypto assets

If you don’t already have keen insight into your clients’ crypto assets, now is the time. We’ve organized 10 helpful questions to ask your clients about their existing crypto assets and future distributions.

[Guide] Financial Advisor Interview Guide for Trustees

These 11 questions are a must when interviewing investment advisors as a trustee. From commission model to portfolio diversification, this guide will help streamline your interview process and help you land the most qualified, experienced financial advisor for your trust.

[Webinar] Fiduciary Duty: Working With Your Financial Advisor

President & Chief Investment Officer, Jeremy Lau CFA®, CFP®, shares his expertise on how to discern whether a financial advisor is suited to help you meet your specific requirements as a fiduciary.