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Fee Only Fiduciary for Trustees, Conservators and Guardians

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How we help fiduciaries

Prudent has decades of experience working with public, private, and family fiduciaries and their teams. Whether you’re serving as a trustee, conservator, or guardian, we help make your role as fiduciary easier.

Fiduciary Duty

At Prudent, we’re bound to the same fiduciary standards as the fiduciaries we work with. As a fee-only advisor we’re committed to putting your needs first, and as an independent adviser, our allegiance is to you—not to a parent company or bank. 

This independence gives us the luxury to make investment recommendations and choose technology and financial partners that best support the fiduciaries we serve.

Investment Management

We manage our investment portfolios in compliance with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act by constructing diversified portfolios with appropriate risk/return characteristics, thereby minimizing your liability. Our regular client reviews and annual compliance reviews help fiduciaries fulfill their duty to monitor investments.

Portfolio Analysis

We assist fiduciaries by providing portfolio analysis for new or existing trusts and estates. Our analysis includes a review of the portfolio’s holdings and allocations and their effect on the portfolio’s diversification. We also provide tax efficient ways to capture short-term/long-term capital gains. Additionally, we conduct asset depletion analysis to determine whether long-term care objectives are realistic and reasonable.


Our operational processes are designed to perform a variety of administrative tasks for your accounts. This includes marshalling assets, transferring assets, account titling, determining stepped-up basis for decedent cases, and the management of taxes in non-retirement accounts.


We know that the care, skill, and caution you use in selecting your investment advisor is also used when selecting your team of attorneys, accountants, caregivers and other professionals. We work closely with these team members to make sure court documentation is appropriate, Investment Policy Statements/Plans are prepared, and information for tax filings is timely and accurate.