This app was created to assist fiduciaries with mobile case management. Fiduciaries are often working with a team of attorneys, accountants, advisors, and care professionals.  By allowing fiduciaries to coordinate with their team while on the go, they can more easily service the needs of their clients or beneficiaries.

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Prudent Investors is a fee-only, SEC-registered investment advisor providing portfolio management and financial planning services for professional fiduciaries (trustees, guardians, and conservators).

We specialize in asset management for both professional fiduciaries (trustees, guardians, and conservators) and are experts in helping our clients navigate the unique aspects of trustee investing, including compliance with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA). As a thought leader in the field of fiduciary investment management, we present frequently around the country and have authored white papers about prudent investing under the UPIA.